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Careston Philosophy

In the city's pulse, properties are not just buildings; they're stories, evolving beyond traditional architecture. Real estate is now a beacon of change, not only uplifting homeowners' lives but also reshaping the very essence of neighborhoods. 


At Careston Properties, we know that a home is more than an address; it's where life's best moments unfold. Our homes merge intelligent design with thoughtfully planned spaces, nestled in locations that promise lasting appreciation. Every home is tailored, mirroring your dreams and ambitions.


Embracing Lifestyle

Our homes aim to streamline every day living, featuring details that simplify and enrich your daily routines.


Design Innovation

Our smart homes are embedded with modern technologies that not only promotes energy efficiency, but also keeps safety as top priority.


Functional Architecture

Our thoughtful designs maximize space efficiency that embodies both comfort and sophistication.


Quality Construction

Our quality stands as the cornerstone of your rewarding homeownership path, ensuring lasting value for your investment’s future well-being.


Anita Dong

(role in family: mother-in-law)

Anita's has nearly four decades of experience in architecture, construction, and real estate development. Before her move to Canada in 1997, she served as the Chief Construction Officer at a prestigious state-owned property development corporation in China. There, she led and oversaw the complex construction operations for multiple master-planned high-rise condominium communities.  Anita's fusion of architectural expertise and extensive construction experience paved her entry into Vancouver’s real estate scene.  In 2005, she founded her current construction company, initially renowned for crafting high-end single-family custom homes. Over time, she evolved the company to meet industry demands, expanding into the development management and full-service construction of multi-family projects for third-party developers. Today, Anita has established Careston Properties as a fully integrated property developer with in-house construction capabilities in Vancouver's competitive real estate market, known for quality and vision.


Sammy Xu

(role in family: son-in-law)

Sammy, born into a real estate family, fell in love with Vancouver's west coast lifestyle when his family moved here. In 2013, Sammy co-founded Belford Properties and under his leadership, the firm excelled in diverse projects, from residential and commercial towers to luxury townhomes and mid-rise condos. As Anita's son, Sammy led the modernization of the family business into today's organically integrated real estate enterprise, Careston Properties. Sammy is a seasoned real estate developer with almost two decades of experience, known for his transformative impact through exceptional business leadership and operational prowess in Vancouver's dynamic real estate industry.

Heartfelt Bliss:
A Family Business
In 1997, a transformative chapter in our family's story began as Anita and Darwin moved to Canada. Their profound appreciation for urban living ignited a dream of creating neighborly homes where people could come together, find belonging, and truly prosper.
Today, Anita and Darwin are the visionary leaders of a family-owned real estate enterprise, encompassing specialized companies in construction, property development, and commercial property brokerage. While each entity operates independently, their seamless collaboration builds the robust, vertically integrated foundation of Careston Properties.
With three generations of engineers in our family, our work ethic and commitment to high standards are deeply ingrained. This old-world dedication profoundly influences everything we do. That's why, at Careston Properties, we don't just talk about quality; it's a commitment that's woven into our very philosophy 
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